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A Handy Recap Of What We Talked About In 2018

We covered a lot of ground on this blog in 2018. To make it easier for you to find the information you need, we have pulled together this handy recap, broken down by category.

Whether it’s getting the facts about Chiropractic care and how your spine works, understanding the risks of medication usage, or just some useful insight on general health, exercise and nutrition, this is a great place to start.

Spinal Health

Dec. 11: Forward head carriage

Oct. 30: 11 Things that make a chiropractor cringe

Nov. 12: Standing around on the job – How you can do your back a favour

Lifestyle & Vitality

Nov. 27: Snow shovelling

Nov. 19: Take care of others by taking care of yourself, first

Oct. 1: Don’t let the silent killer sneak up on you

Sept. 24: It’s up to us to be informed about what we put in our bodies

Sept. 18: The cost of doing something, versus the price of doing nothing

June 19: Working to improve men’s health

May 31: Life will always happen – Be prepared for it

May 15: Is your body stressed out by chemicals?

April 19: Your attitude does shape your reality – And your health

April 12: The Health Trifecta: Sleep, nutrition, exercise

Feb. 1: New Year’s Resolution

Got an idea or a question you would like us to explore in a future post? Just let us know.

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