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A handy recap of what we talked about last year

We covered a lot of ground on this blog in 2017. To make it easier for you to find the information you are seeking, we pulled together this handy recap, broken down by category.

Whether it’s getting the facts about Chiropractic care and how your spine works, understanding the risks of medication usage, or just some useful insight on general health, wellness and nutrition, this is a great place to start.

Spinal Health

1. Aug 15: The many ways in which we work to torment our spines

2. July 6: It’s summertime – when your spine cries uncle

3. June 13: Car accident? Read this and save yourself 7 years of pain

4. May 24: The link between your spine and the rest of your body

5. May 8: Subluxation

6. May 4: Get screened

7. April 24: I’ve lost a quarter of an inch in my height! Am I shrinking?

8. April 19: Posture: Equal weight on feet

9. March 23: Just like your teeth, a healthy spine needs regular maintenance

10. Jan. 17: Muscle spasms and my neck curve

Nutrition & Exercise

1. Oct. 3: Sports drinks – a must have for active people … or not

2. Sept. 18: You do burn calories at rest

3. Sept. 11: Moderation – yes, fats are good for you, but a pound of bacon isn’t

4. June 8: The recovering doughnut muncher on hitting the gym

5. May 3: Sugar

6. April 26: Six pack abs: Worth the effort?

7. Feb. 8: GMO — Shouldn’t we be able to tell what’s up with our food at a glance?

Lifestyle & Vitality

1. Dec. 14: Delay that date with a nursing home – take action now

2. Nov. 30: Your body is an amazing machine

3. Nov. 16: Investing in your health

4. Oct. 24: 4 signs of fall

5. Sept. 27: Health vs. Wellness

6. June 6: Life lessons from an 88-year-old patient

7. May 30: Health and fitness lessons from a recovering doughnut muncher

8. May 15: Why you need to get enough sleep

9. Feb. 28: Perception really is everything when it comes to pain

Medication & Treatment

1. Oct. 30: Why you shouldn’t rely on Dr. Google and self-diagnose

2. Oct. 10: Healing takes time – the virtue of patience and your recovery

3. July 20: Do you know what NNT stands for?

4. April 17: Canada’s seniors are becoming addicted to painkillers

Got an idea or a question we can explore in a future post? Just let us know.

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