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Childhood Cancer Awareness


With September winding down, we wanted to recognize that it is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and we at Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic always wish to extend our support to those suffering with this life-altering disease.

According to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, approximately 80 percent of childhood cancer cases can be successfully treated.

Childhood cancers are mostly those of the white blood cells (leukemia), brain, bone, and the lymphatic system (lymphoma). Cancerous tumors also can develop in the muscles, kidneys, and nervous system. Like cancers that occur in adults, each type of childhood cancer behaves differently, but all develop because of an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells.

Cancer is a serious illness that needs to be treated by an oncologist, and no one would ever suggest that chiropractic could or should serve as a substitute for the medical care that is so necessary.

However, chiropractic can serve as a gentle and non-invasive treatment to encourage optimal nerve function during this crucial time.
By maintaining spinal health, nerves can operate at the highest levels throughout the entire nervous system. This allows the body to “do its thing”, by functioning as it normally should. This is a beautiful thing to permit, considering the assault the body is under, both from the disease itself and the harsh treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Chiropractic is not a cure for cancer, but ensuring that spinal health is at its best is one more step towards fighting – and hopefully winning – that difficult battle.

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