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Help for Women with Painful Menstruation

Depending on the woman, menstrual cramps can range from a minor discomfort to an intense pain that halts all activity for hours, or even days.

History has dictated that the easy route is a handful of pain medications — typically harsh ibuprofen, alongside a hot water bottle or a warm bath.

You may not associate chiropractic with menstrual cramps, but we have had patients report success with pain reduction in this area. When subluxations in the lumbar spine are removed, nerve flow is improved and function is restored. The nerves connected to the lumbar spine are the same ones attached to the reproductive organs.

Giving your stomach — and indeed the rest of your body — a rest from pain medication sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Benefit From Chiropractic

Keep in mind that menstrual cramps aren’t the only reproductive issue that can benefit from chiropractic. Mittelschmerz, also known as “middle pain”, is experienced by some women during ovulation. The pain is usually one-sided (depending on which ovary is ovulating at that time), and while largely short-lived, can be extremely uncomfortable.

Endometriosis is another debilitating problem we see among women. Suffering can be two-fold in this case, as it can impede those looking to become pregnant, in addition to the extreme discomfort. Again, when chiropractic is included as part of your regular health care, it can assist in restoring nerve function to those areas, leading to a great improvement in pain reduction.

Just like any other part of the body, your reproductive organs have a direct link to your spine and overall spinal health. Maintain your regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments and talk with us if you have noticed any differences in your reproductive health!

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