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Prenatal Chiropractic Care

pregnant woman

In previous posts, we have discussed how chiropractic care can benefit all members of your family. But, what about those mothers prepping for a new arrival?

You may be surprised to learn that chiropractic is full of wonderful benefits for pregnant mothers, and adjustments are possible right up until the due date. Your doctor will use different positioning to work with your growing belly, so there’s no need to fear about lying on your stomach!

Expectant mothers regularly deal with low back or sacroiliac joint pain during a pregnancy. Postural changes are common, often resulting in the lower back curve increasing and the classic “waddle” of late pregnancy causes increased pressure on pelvic joints. Spinal correction via chiropractic care can really assist in easing this discomfort, making mothers more comfortable through the second and third trimester. Another benefit often comes in the form of improved balance and ease of movement, even into the late stages of carrying a child.

Labour Benefits

Where many mothers find the benefits of chiropractic to be the most beneficial is during the labour itself. Remember, chiropractic care serves to increase and maintain nerve function at optimum levels.

When subluxations are removed, body and brain can communicate properly. This allows women in labour to move through the steps of their labour with greater speed and efficiency. Many also have reported faster recovery times and decreased need for pain medication. A well-aligned pelvis makes it much easier for baby to reach the proper position for delivery, thereby lessening the chances for complications, such as breech birth or cesarean section.

If you or someone you love is pregnant, or planning on starting a family, chiropractic care is a great way to make this journey a safer and more comfortable one. We use special pregnancy pillows to allow mom to lie on her tummy very comfortably for the adjustment. Both Dr. McLaughlin and Dr. Paradis have training in the Webster Technique, which is used through pregnancy to ensure proper spinal and pelvic alignment.

If you are expecting a new arrival, consider Chiropractic as an essential component of your prenatal care. Call the clinic to schedule an appointment today.

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