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Where Does the Flu Go?

I want you to seriously think about this question. And what I mean to say is where does the flu virus go after the “flu season”? Does it just disappear? Do enough people end up getting the flu that there’s none left? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with this one. ?) Sometimes, we follow the current way of thinking because it’s been passed down from generation to generation or it’s been so ingrained in our minds by mainstream media over the years that we just end up believing it as fact without doing our own research or questioning the status quo. And I understand; why reinvent the wheel right? …especially if the information comes from a loved one or a supposedly trusted news source.

If you're stressed, you're more susceptible to the flu

If you’re stressed, you’re more susceptible to the flu

But I want you to start asking yourself some questions, especially when you realize that something “seems off”. I think we’ve all had some moments in our life when something is going on, we are being told something by someone, but the facts just don’t seem to line up or there’s something inside of us (that little voice) that is triggering a sense that something is not as it seems.

Back to the flu virus. The virus does not disappear, it’s always there. So if it’s always there, why does it only seem to affect people more predominantly from October to April? In order to answer that question, we have to look at what happens BEFORE the “flu season” begins. How was your summer? Did you have fun with your friends? Did you grill and maybe have some drinks? What foods did you grill? What did you eat while you were waiting for the food to cook? How many drinks did you have before, during, and after grilling? You see, there’s another season before the “flu season” and it’s called “patio season”! …and a side effect of patio season is often less desirable food choices (which is a stress on the body) and increased alcohol intake (which is a stress on your body).

Add to that the later nights out with friends, the busyness of all the summer activities (camping, vacation, day trips, etc.), having to go to work through all of this, and your ongoing relationships with other people – emphasis on the not so good ones; all of these are stresses on your body.

Did you keep your exercise routine over the summer? Do you even exercise? How did you do with your Chiropractic adjustment schedule over the summer? Did you miss some appointments that you did not make up? Did you skip your spinal rehabilitative exercises? All these things affect your brain-body connection, which equates to another stress that the body has to deal with. But it does not end there! September comes along and although for some parents having the kids back in school is a stress relief, for many, the preparation for the upcoming school year and all that it entails is a stressful time.

From an astronomical point of view (oh yes… we are covering everything!), the earth’s orientation in relation to the sun is also very important. As we approach and during the winter season, the northern hemisphere (where we live) is oriented away from the sun. As a result, the rays of the sun do not strike the ground in the same fashion and we are unable to make vitamin D naturally by exposure to the sun. It is a well documented fact that there is a link between vitamin D and our immune system. Unless we supplement with vitamin D during this time, we WILL be more susceptible to illness.

Lets do the math. Stress + stress + stress + stress + stress + stress + stress + stress + stress = ???? It’s obvious. If you are stressed, whether it is physically, chemically, emotionally, or spiritually, you ARE more susceptible to illness, disease… the flu.

So the next time the conversation about the “flu season” comes up and/or the common solution is recommended by a pharmaceutical company, may this empower you to share your new found knowledge, even if it goes against the popular way of thinking. And remember, the only true way to health is to remove the cause (the stress).

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