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11 things that make a Chiropractor cringe

Between the misconceptions some people have about Chiropractic and the toll life takes on our spinal health, we find plenty to cringe about.

Here’s our top picks.

The misconceptions

1. Going to a chiropractor will make me dependent on adjustments
No more than going to your dentist makes you dependent on regular oral hygiene. We help fix problems. We also provide preventative care to ensure optimal spinal health.
This may prevent you from suffering chronic pain
and loss of mobility, and irreversible spinal degeneration later in life.

2. I can “crack” my own back
We don’t doubt it. You wouldn’t take the DIY approach to dentistry, optometry, etc., so why would you with self-manipulations to your spine that can impact your nervous system and health?
A Chiropractor requires at least seven years of schooling and practical experience before they are licensed, to ensure they accurately diagnose your condition, and develop and deliver your treatment, in a safe and effective way.

3. Adjustments will make my joints too loose
Chiropractic will not make your joints or connective tissues “loose” any more than massage therapy, yoga, active stretching, or fascial stretch therapy will. What it may do is help restore the mobility and range of motion that you have lost.

4. This isn’t a problem – I can just take a pill for it
Let’s be clear. Back or neck pain is a symptom. Medications for pain relief may ease the symptom – that doesn’t mean they have done anything to address the root cause of the pain. If you find yourself reaching for that bottle on a regular basis, there is likely a deeper problem. You need professional attention.

5. I feel better, so we’re done, right?
Maybe. It depends on your particular situation. We have had patients who experienced noticeable relief or improvement with their very first adjustment. But that doesn’t mean the underlying condition has been fully resolved. Like we said above, pain is just a symptom. Its severity and occurrence can be unpredictable. That’s why we document and chart your progress as much as possible with x-rays, and regular progress exams.

The toll life takes

1. Lifting … badly
Overreaching, bending over instead of squatting – we see plenty that makes us cringe. Now is the perfect time of year for injuries from not lifting properly as we clean up the yard and put away the patio furniture for winter.

2. Failing to warm up
OK, this one isn’t really making us cringe, but the consequences of it certainly do. From doing that yardwork to hitting the gym, failure to warm up those muscles and stretch properly can easily have painful consequences.

3. Thinking you’re Hercules, or Xena, Warrior Princess
This isn’t about dressing for that Halloween party. We mean what we see at the gym, when people overdo it with massive weights on big movements like the squat or the deadlift. These exercises are lauded for how they so effectively work big muscle groups, but the potential for injury is high, especially if you’re older. Always make sure to adequately warm-up, use proper technique, have a spotter, and know your limits.

4. Huddling over that device
This is the worst! We see so many patients who have lost or are losing the natural curve of their neck because of too much device usage with such poor posture. “Text neck” is becoming increasingly common among children. We can show you x-rays of the damage this can cause long-term.

5. Huddling over the keyboard at your desk
Before kids became addicted to mobile technology, their parents were already doing nasty things to their spines/necks with long workdays hunched over a keyboard, with similar consequences.

6. Crashing, falling, and generally wiping out
From hard hits to the boards during a hockey game, to a bad tumble on the ski hill, or an epic wipe out on the wakeboard, we see plenty that makes us cringe. Any resulting aches and pains, or loss of function that don’t go away after a few days may indicate a need to get checked by a professional.

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