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adjusting-tablePerhaps, this is a question you were too uncomfortable to ask, or maybe someone in your life found out you were seeing a chiropractor and brought it up.

Can you get addicted to chiropractic care?”

This is a funny question that all chiropractors face during their career. Many in society (often people who have never received a chiropractic adjustment) believe that once you go see a chiropractor, you’re “hooked for life.” That belief, with an obvious negative connotation attached to it, is that you will never be able to function without your regular adjustment.

We are here to tell you that simply isn’t true

No one is forcing you to submit to chiropractic care. Everyone makes a conscious choice to join our clinic, for as long as they see fit, and we love to help everyone who enters our doors. Some people are fortunate enough to live pain-free lives, and may not believe they need chiropractic. Others may receive adjustments, feel better, leave the clinic and never have a desire to return, because their issue has improved. While we have explained to you in the past that there is far more going on in the body that chiropractic can assist with beyond pain, these are examples of people who will not seek care, and that’s their choice.

As for any kind of “craving” … well, we’ll level with you: You may truly become addicted to feeling so good! It’s a remarkable thing to feel your body functioning the best way it knows how. We can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t want to experience and encourage that kind of behaviour.

Undergoing chiropractic care is a choice, and while you can’t get addicted to adjustments, the better life you will be living is hard to turn down. Be here, at Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic, because you know it is good for you. Stay, because you know the results are real.

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