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Are You Getting Enough Z's For Your Brain?

woman sleepingSleep. Ahh, glorious sleep. It’s when our body heals and recovers from the demands and stressors of our daily life. If you are getting adequate sleep of good quality, you can check one of the boxes on the “ways to optimize your health” checklist. But so many people struggle to get enough quality sleep, and suffer the consequences in terms of fatigue, chronic pain or illness, and low mood.

But did you know that your brain actually NEEDS 7 hours of sleep per night in order to make new neural connections? Your brain grows when you sleep!

According to an MRI study done by Sexton in 2014, getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night impedes thinking and learning, and can actually DECREASE brain size!

Not to put added pressure on you if you aren’t sleeping all that well, but it really is important to take steps to improve sleep quality and duration. Let us know if you have any concerns about your sleep and we’ll help in any way we can!

If you have any questions about the health or alignment of your spine or that of your loved ones, Dr. Erin McLaughlin and Dr. Pierre Paradis are here to help. If you live or work in Kanata and the surrounding area, contact us today or give us a call at (613) 831-9665.

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