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Be a Double Hatter this Winter

Dr Pierre enjoting the winter snow

Minus 39 but it was a beautiful sunny day on the ski trail. Bundled up and warm as toast. The body is amazing when it moves in all weather.

Dark days of winter causing dread already? Winter can be your season to discover this year as we have more time to enjoy the cooler air (no bugs!) and crisp snow. Someone in the clinic thinks it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Treat yourself to the same care and advance preparation you give to your vehicle. We schedule time to change to winter tires, oil, find the snow brush etc. Invest in your health with a little advance planning for you. You are more important than your car!

The KEY to LOVING WINTER starts with clothing and layers:

  • Long underwear – lots of great new technical materials and fun colours out there
  • Mitts with a wind resistant outer layer instead of gloves
  • Neck warmers instead of a scarf
  • Buffs are awesome for additional face protection
  • Hats – get a selection, cover your ears, add more than one (double hatting works well when the thermometer really drops!)
  • Snow pants – not just for kids
  • A jacket made for an Ottawa winter
  • Good boots – your feet will be cold unless you move those boots!
  • Gift ideas for all budgets – hand warmers, head lamps, reflective vest for visibility walking outside after work, heated jackets.

Find activities to enjoy

Walkers – our greenspaces are transformed into a different kind of beauty in the winter months – explore them! Traction cleats like yak tracks that slip over shoes or boots make for confident footing – invest in a good pair or you’ll be frustrated (experience talking)

Snow shoe, cross country ski, skate the canal or your local outdoor rink, road hockey….so many opportunities and winter is so short.

Need equipment without breaking the bank -borrow from a friend to test out an activity, check out second hand stores, buy nothing sites on social media, your neighbour’s garage – start now – there was a bike shortage in the summer! Invent a winter sport for the family – check out what’s already in the garage – the kids will help you figure out how a frisbee can become a winter game.

Plan a different date night – check for the full moon and plan an activity around it – you might be surprised how light it is. The beauty can be breathtaking!

A patient in his 80s made sure to make at least one snowman per year – how awesome is that! You’re never too old to enjoy snow.

Share your ideas and tips with us – we’re all in this together. We’ve loved hearing the parts of our city and countryside that you’ve discovered since March. Your health has benefitted from the outdoor fun and exercise. We are blessed to live in a community with so much to offer year-round and now we have the time to explore it. Embrace it!

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