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As you know, we prefer gentle, safe, and drug-free ways to reduce pain. Of course chiropractic is the best way to keep your body functioning at an optimal level, but we know that people in pain are often looking for quick relief, especially if you just cannot receive an adjustment at that moment (travelling, at work, etc.). That’s why we wanted to tell you about a product we have recently discovered.

Reduce Pain

Biofreeze is a drug, dye and paraben-free topical analgesic that uses cryotherapy – basically, the application of cold – to reduce pain.

Ice is typically our recommended go-to for reducing acute pain, but it isn’t always practical, especially when one is forced to remain stationary for long periods. Biofreeze can be applied directly to the skin safely, and the effects are felt immediately.

Biofreeze is Safe to Use

Biofreeze uses menthol as its active ingredient, combined with ILEX, an herbal extract from a holly shrub located in South America. With no other added waxes, oils, or petroleum, it’s safe to use and won’t expose your body to chemicals, unlike the most common over the counter pain creams we know most people are using today. Best of all, with no medication in the product, you don’t have to worry about adding additional toxins to your body, not to mention the fear of complications caused by prescriptions you may already be taking.

We are currently carrying three formulations of Biofreeze at Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic.

The 118 ml tube is the most popular version of the product. It’s perfect for patients who want the ability to massage the gel into the painful regions.

The 89 ml roll-on is a solid product — great for athletes who don’t want to worry about washing their hands afterwards. The applicator also features a rolling ball that is helpful for stimulating trigger points.

Finally, the 118 ml spray is effective for those with pain in hard to reach areas, like the back. It has 360-degree nozzle that works at any angle.

Spinal adjustments still provide the best remedy for eliminating pain in many areas of the body. However, when you’re running around, out of town or just caught up with life, we know that you can’t always be here with us at the clinic. Biofreeze is a safe way to tide you over by reducing discomfort, until you can come in for your adjustment.

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