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Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic : Case #2

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Initial Examination

This 72-year old man (A.B.) came to our clinic in December 2008 with lower back pain that radiated into his buttocks, as well as digestive system problems that required the use of a medication called Prevacid. A.B.’s back pain was so severe that he could not stand in an upright position.Findings/Discussion: You can see from his “Before” x-ray that he had a large amount of forward head posture that was compressing his spinal cord and nerves.

Progressive Examination Performed After Being Under Care for 3 Months

At A.B.’s first progressive exam 3 months later, he reported an 85% reduction in his lower back pain, and no radiation of pain into his buttocks.

Progressive Examination Performed After Being Under Care for 12 Months

X-rayAt his 12 month progressive exam, A.B. reported that although his digestive problems were not yet resolved, he did report a 100% improvement in his lower back pain.Findings/Discussion: As you can see on his “After” x-ray, A.B.’s forward head posture was reduced by 30mm. This means there is a lot less damaging pressure on the spinal cord. A.B. continues to get adjusted once a week. He is in his second year of corrective care and is doing cervical traction to continue restoration of the normal curve in his neck.

Progressive Examination Performed After Being Under Care for 18 Months

X-rayAt his 18 month progressive exam, we note that there is even further improvement in A.B.’s alignment. The patient reports that he is thrilled with his progress so far and he continues to be adjusted weekly to maintain his health.

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