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Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic : Case #6

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Initial Examination

49 year old female with an initial chief complaint of chronic tension along her spine, joint pain, and fatigue.

Findings: As you can see on her initial x-ray, there is a reversal in the cervical curve which leads to anterior head carriage. Hypertrophic arthritic changes are noted at C4 and C5.

Discussion: This puts a tremendous amount of tension on the spinal cord as well as too much pressure on the joints of the spine.

Progressive Examination Performed After Being Under Care for 3 Months

At her 3 month exam, she reported that she felt 100% better. She no longer experiences any tension along the spine, joint pain, or feels fatigued. She reported that she used to see her medical doctor every month due to the pain, but she hasn’t been since starting chiropractic care!

Progressive X-ray After Being Under Care for 6 Months

X-rayFindings: The cervical curve is decreased. Hypertrophic arthritic changes are noted at C4 and C5.

Discussion: As you can see on her latest x-ray, her curve is not yet perfect, but the reversal is now gone. Although we have not yet reached full correction, this is a great example of how health can be restored to the body by removing tension on the nervous system.

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