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Chiropractic for Musicians

Man playing guitar

Chiropractic can help musicians enjoy their art pain free.

We have talked in the past about chiropractic being beneficial to those work in an office place, or people who perform manual labour for a living. But, chiropractic care can be beneficial in all walks of life! Today, we’re going to discuss some patient stories we’ve encountered – all of whom work or perform within music. Musicians often are forced to hold their bodies in static positions for lengthy periods, some of which may be stressful or unnatural. Depending on the instrument, musicians can engage nearly every part of their body when they play. The violinist tucks in their chin to pull the bow across the strings. The drummer rhythmically taps his foot to activate the kick pedal for his bass drum. While being repeatedly placed in these positions, subluxations can occur, causing nerve impingement and eventual pain.

Success Stories

We want to share with you some success stories of musicians who are once again enjoying their art, thanks to the power of chiropractic.

  • A female piano teacher/church organist was suffering from numbness and tingling in her hands. This was leading to difficulties during her practicing and playing. These symptoms are a classic sign of subluxations in the neck and upper back – the nerves in her hands and arms were being blocked. Now that she is receiving regular chiropractic care, she has reported significant improvement in her comfort level.
  • A male guitar player was complaining of neck and shoulder pain. Again, the culprit was neck and upper back subluxations. During his most recent progressive exam, he excitedly reported that he was able to get back to guitar and was playing for longer periods.
  • A male drummer had been enduring lower back pain for months, and often took painkillers before and after his band played a show – it was the only way he could get through his set. Now, after several months of chiropractic care, his lower back pain has reduced dramatically. He has stopped taking medication, and also reported better usage and comfort of his upper body and shoulders while playing.

The Power of Chiropractic

Do you know or have a musician in your life who has been fighting pain while trying to play? Encourage them to contact the clinic today for an appointment, and set them back on the path to making beautiful music!

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