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Congratulations! You have made an amazing decision to maximize your health and life through chiropractic care at our office. We look forward to serving you and seeing what wonderful transformations are in store for you. Our goal is to serve you with exceptionally friendly and prompt service, and to provide the best family health care possible. In return, you will receive restored health. Patients who follow these simple guidelines obtain the best results.



When you arrive for your appointment, please remove any outer clothing (jackets, heavy sweaters, scarves) and remove your outdoor shoes in inclement weather (we have sandals provided or you can bring your own indoor shoes).

Our staff will let you know when you can proceed to the adjustment area. If there is a table available, we ask that you remove any items from your front pockets and remove your belt. Please lie face down (unless you’ve been told otherwise) to help relax your muscles and decompress your spine before your adjustment. Please do not use cell phones in the adjustment area.

Drs. McLaughlin and Paradis know your health concerns and will not ask about them each visit. What we need to know is what is better and if you have a change in your condition. We realize that from time to time you may have questions, concerns, or a new injury and may need extra time with the Doctor. Please let us know before your scheduled appointment so that we can set aside the extra time for you.


A specific course of care has been designed for you to achieve maximum correction. It is imperative that you stay consistent with the schedule to get the best results. We will give you a personal schedule with all your appointments reserved in advance, as this will save you time on each visit.


If an appointment must be changed, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is appreciated. Please call and leave a voicemail or email us BEFORE your appointment time (even if you do not have 24 hours). If you are running late, we may not be able to see you due to the scheduling limitations. If you wish to come in earlier than your scheduled time, please advise us before arriving at the clinic. We will do our best to accommodate you in the next available adjustment time.

To maintain your healing process, any missed or rescheduled appointments should be made up on the same day or as soon as possible. Repeated rescheduling negatively affects the quality of your care.


We understand that most people take vacations (as do we!). It is important to make up any missed visits due to emergencies or vacations before or after these events to prevent a set-back in your healing.


Please be considerate of others and refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes to the office. Please refrain from smoking directly prior to your visits.


As a courtesy to our patients and our team, please turn off your cell phones while in the clinic. If you need to take a call while in the reception, we appreciate if you could step outside.


As our mission is to lead families to reach their full health potential, we extend an opportunity for you to have your family checked at our expense within 2 weeks of your report of findings.


Help your community, co-workers and friends by having a health talk at your workplace, church, or community group. We love sharing our message of health and wellness!


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Clinic Policies Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic | (613) 831-9665