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woman ridding bicycle with blue skyWe know that many of you are fans of cycling, especially during the warm weather. Biking is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the outdoors either on your own, or with family.

Like any form of exercise, aches and pains can occur when the activity is done improperly or with ill-fitting equipment. With a couple of tips, we hope to help you experience a little longer and more comfortable ride before summer comes to a close.

Be Aware Of Your Position

Be aware of your position on the bicycle. Being hunched over handlebars will lead to both upper and lower back pain. Check to see if either your seat or handlebars need to be adjusted to accommodate your height. Use your stomach muscles to engage your core and hold your body up straight while you ride.


Brakes in good repair are necessary for safety, but also help strain on hands, wrists and arms. While we’re on the subject of safety: Use common sense and follow the rules of the road. Don’t forget your helmet and ensure that it is fit and worn correctly. This means straight on the head — not tipping forward or backward, and with a chinstrap fastened firmly under the chin. If you are involved in accident, even a minor one, always remember to replace your helmet.

Maintaining Alignment Of Your Spine

Receiving your regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments will help to make you a better and more comfortable cyclist. Maintaining alignment of your spine will assist your balance on the bike, and increased nerve function obviously helps when working out all parts of the body.

We want to encourage you to savour the wonderful weather for as long as it lasts. If you’re doing so while on a bike, take these suggestions to heart and we’ll guarantee you’ll get far more out of your ride.

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