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Dental Hygienist

Dental HygenistAt Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic, we see people from all walks of life, working at every different job thought possible.

These careers involve different situations for different people. However, regardless of whether it’s manual labour or an office position, our bodies are placed into positions that can lead to spinal health problems.

Today, we wanted to concentrate on a specific career: Those who work as dental hygienists. We have seen multiple hygienists at our clinic, and all seem to have the same issues.

A dental hygienist is heavily involved in the labour that takes place within a dentist’s office. Think of all the time you spend with them during your average cleaning, while you may only see the dentist for a few minutes at the end of your appointment.

Muscle Fatigue and Spinal Subluxations

Hygienists are often twisting in chairs, and directly leaning over into a patient’s mouth. This position is not easy on the neck, shoulders or lower back. Poised for long periods with tools in a delicate area, it’s easy to understand how muscle fatigue and spinal subluxations would occur.

The hygienists we see in our clinic are often dealing with regular headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain. Not only do these problems cause difficulties at work, but they also damage quality of life at home, or during time off.

Hope Isn’t Lost

We are here to tell you that hope isn’t lost! Chiropractic is a wonderful, gentle and drug-free way to relieve pain. Think about how fantastic it would be to enjoy life, both in and out of work without the nagging discomfort — or the reliance on pain medication to cope.

Please contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment. Like you, we seek to provide the very best for our patients. Let us set you on track for better health today!

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