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Dislocated Hips

The First Trauma to Your Spine Likely Happened at Birth

A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail ran a great essay by a mother about the emotional roller coaster she endured when her newborn son was diagnosed with, and treated for, dislocated hips.

Check it out: Born with dislocated hips, my son needed a harness for 12 weeks. It hurt me more than it did him

The good news is that baby Jack’s story had a happy ending. Three months of wearing a Pavlik harness corrected the problem.

It’s a great example of how the right intervention, at the right time, can prevent much more serious health complications down the road. In this case, the alternative to enduring the harness for three months could have been a couple of childhood surgeries, a hip replacement by 40, and a pronounced limp.

Birth is often a traumatic experience for a baby’s joints. Doctors pay close attention to the hips afterward, as well they should. But an even more fragile part of the body at such a tender age is the spine. It should warrant at least the same attention as the hips.

Babies respond well to Chiropractic care

Please read one of our previous posts where we discussed how chiropractic care is necessary for infants.

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