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Do you have a strong, stable core?


Maintaining a strong core helps you maintain a healthy spine

We’re always being told that maintaining our posture is an integral part of maintaining spinal health – which is absolutely true. What many of us don’t remember is the connection between the abdominal core and a straighter, healthier spine.

The purpose of a strong core isn’t just to show off those flattering six-pack abs. Your abdominal and lower back muscles play a massive role in bodily function. Strength training, golfing, kicking, throwing, and running are just some of the activities that benefit from a strong and stable core. They minimize the pressure on other joints and prevent injury. In fact, weaker core muscles have been related to higher incidences of knee injuries and lower back pain.

As for your spine itself, the stronger those core and back muscles, the easier it will be for you stay upright for longer periods and avoid slouching.

The workplace is an excellent place to engage that core. While sitting at your desk, concentrate on pulling your belly button in and up – and don’t forget to breathe! Keep your shoulders back and down, with your head in a straight, neutral position. Don’t be discouraged if you fall out of position quickly. This is definitely an exercise that takes some practice. The longer you train yourself to “hold your abs”, the easier it will become, and it will become second nature.

Don’t forget that your abdominal muscles can be engaged during practically any activity. Practice engaging your core and keeping your shoulders back while driving your car, cooking dinner, or even walking around home and the office. Don’t be surprised if people start to compliment you on your posture!
Core and back muscles really do play a key role in spinal health, so engage those abs and stay straight … your back will thank you!

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