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Does Improving the Neck Curve Help with Lower Back and Leg Pain?

Woman with neck and lower back painFor 18 years, we’ve been educating our patients about the link between their neck alignment (cervical lordosis) and other parts of their spine and body. On many occasions, we have shown a person the x-ray of their poorly aligned neck and heard this question in return: “But Doctor, it’s my lower back that hurts, not my neck!”
Research has now proven what we have known and taught for many years.

A recent study conducted in a collaboration between top researchers at the University of Sharjah (UAE), Cairo University (Egypt), and Chiropractic Biophysics Non-Profit (USA) has demonstrated this important link between neck alignment and lower back pain, leg pain, and disability. (J. Clin. Med. 2022, 11(19), 5768)

The study involved investigating the effects of neck alignment on posture, pain, and disability in 80 patients with chronic lower back and leg pain originating from the lumbosacral spine. Some patients used TENS machines and hot packs alone, and some patients had the added intervention of using the Cervical Denneroll 3 times per week for the 10-week study. All patients were followed up with 6 months after completion of the study.

Both groups achieved improvements in back pain, leg pain, and disability indicators. HOWEVER, only the Denneroll group achieved improvements in all posture indicators and S1 nerve root function. And only the Denneroll group maintained the improvements at the 6-month follow-up. (WOW!)

The Take-Home Point

Improved cervical lordosis (neck C-curve) and reduction of forward head posture were found to have a positive impact on posture, leg and back pain, disability scores, and S1 nerve root function.

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