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Dog Walking

girl and dogIf you are the owner of a dog, you know that fall is a great time to spend on lengthy walks outdoors – enjoying the fresh air and changing scenery.

Dogs provide a wonderful built-in reason for us to get off the couch and go for scheduled walks every day. The exercise benefits you together, both as a health benefit and stress reliever.

Recently, we have seen a fair number of patients come in with shoulder strains caused from a dog pulling on a leash – an experience that can definitely serve as a deterrent to those walks, and that’s the last thing we want to happen!

Tips to walk your furry friend without aches and Pain

Today, we’re going to offer you a few tips on how you and your furry friend can enjoy a happy and safe walk, without aches or pains.

Firstly, remember that your dog should always be walking beside you, and never ahead of you. Letting the dog walk ahead not only gives it an immediate head start should it suddenly pull, but it also allows the dog to think that it’s in charge. Once they have that advantage, the likelihood of them listening to you is minimal at best.

When you walk together, keep the dog at your side with the leash a bit slack. Hold your body straight and tall – head up. This is good for your posture, while that the same time, indicates to the dog that you are the leader.

If your animal has a tendency to pull, regardless of distractions, consider a Halti. A Halti secures around the dog’s head and snout, but still allows it to pant and drink, unlike a muzzle. These devices provide wonderful control, as it completely reduces the power the dog uses to drive forward from its chest.

Finally, if you are an owner who has used a retractable leash in the past, consider retiring it for the regular nylon style. They are less expensive, and offer far more restraint. Even small dogs possess the capacity to yank forward on a retractable device. Furthermore, by allowing the dog to gain so much lead on the leash, it is contradicting the message that you are in charge. Remember: Shorter leash and held to the side. You’re the boss!

We hope that these tips will help experience happier and safer walks, regardless of the season. Keep those shoulders square, stay in charge and have a great time out there together!

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