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Engineering Marvels

illustration of red blood cellsWe stand in awe of man’s greatest technological achievements: the world’s highest tower, the fastest train, the largest cruise and cargo ships.

But have you ever considered the multitude of engineering marvels that take place in your body? Take your circulatory system as an example. It is estimated to be 90,000 to 160,000 km in length and performs countless tasks!

  • It circulates blood at about 5 litres/minute and at 15cm per second, providing the exact blood flow required by every organ and tissue to several hundred trillion cells.
  • It repairs itself. You cut yourself: instantly a fibrin web forms over the wound, trapping red blood cells and sealing the wound.
  • The blood in an adult’s body contains about 30 trillion red cells.
  • Your blood is like a conveyer belt, unloading its cargo, as needed, to every cell in the body.
  • Your kidneys consist of over 100 km of piping. Every 24 hours they separate 170 litres of filtrate from the system.
Your whole body is an intelligent engineering marvel, designed with the innate ability to guide all function, healing and creation of new cells!

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