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"Extreme Makeover God's Way - 40 Days to a Body by God" by Dr. Ben Lerner

Recommended Reading for October 2011: “Extreme Makeover God’s Way – 40 Days to a Body by God” by Dr. Ben Lerner, New York Times Best Selling Author 

“Science shows us that habits change over approximately 40 days (six weeks) and that good habits are as difficult to form as bad ones are to break. While most people are looking for quick fixes and instant change, the truth is that these things never, ever work long term. This program will enact steady, positive, effective, productive, more permanent change – God’s way. The Extreme Makeover – God’s Way 40-Day Plan involves getting one-percent better every day for 40 days. This plan is not extreme because it is hard, it is extreme because it is thorough and covers all of the important areas of life.” (Dr. Ben Lerner)