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First Responders

Profession of the Month for May

Complimentary exams for the month of May to anyone in these professions. Our career highlight of the month for May focuses on First Responders – police, firefighters, and paramedics – the people who work so hard for us in a crisis.

We all know there are stresses involved with these positions. All three face daily issues in situations that can change, second to second.

For police, long hours spent in cramped vehicles is a regular occurrence. Twisted angles trying to access a computer in the car can play havoc with the spine. Furthermore, equipment belts worn by police officers can weigh more than 30 lbs. That additional weight can put a lot of strain on the lower back, hips, knees and feet.

The extreme amount of labour involved to work as a firefighter can beat a body to a pulp. Heavy gear, wrestling with equipment, and physical exertion make for painful backs, tight shoulders and sore necks.

As for paramedics, labour is also intensive. Patients often need to be lifted on to backboards or stretchers. Bodies are forced into awkward positions while working on victims in the field.

In all of these cases, first responders are not only fighting with the physical toll on their bodies, but the mental fatigue, as well. Combine that with long hours and few breaks – many also fall victim to a poor diet, because they just don’t have the time to cook for themselves.

Pain-Free Days and Nights

Chiropractic can play a major role in helping first responders lead a more comfortable, effective life at home and work. Removing nerve interferences through chiropractic adjustments allows the body to work at its best – giving you the freedom to go through your days and nights, pain-free.

Imagine how much easier your job would be if you weren’t constantly in pain. Think about getting a better sleep when you arrive at home at the end of your shift, because you’re no longer tossing and turning, looking for a comfortable position. Contemplate being happier at home with your kids, and enjoying your rare free time, instead of rummaging for pain medication.

We will be offering complimentary exams for the month of May to anyone in these professions. You help so many – let us help you! We hope to hear from you soon.

If you or someone you love works as a First Responder, come make an appointment with us at Hazeldean Family Chiropractic today, or call (613) 831-9665.

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