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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the date always marks the beginning of the busy holiday season.

Thanksgiving is meant to be a joyous time, spent with loved ones, but so often we find it becomes a hectic burden.

Groceries need to be purchased, plans for visitors or trips out of town need to be finalized, not to mention that gigantic meal that needs to be cooked! We often find ourselves stressed, lose valuable sleep, and do damage to our immune systems in the process.

Don’t let Thanksgiving do you in this year! Here are some tips to cope:

  1. Be realistic about your goals – pulling an all-nighter to bake the perfect pie or getting up at 5 a.m. to get that bird in the oven isn’t doing your sleep schedule any favors. Enlist help for cooking tasks – more sleep and less stress does wonders for your immune system health.
  2. Hand-in-hand with stress – the dealing with relatives. If relationships are strained, do your best to remain positive and civil. Excuse yourself when necessary to take a moment for deep, calming breaths and regroup. Don’t use these events as an excuse to imbibe more alcohol – again, you’ll be suppressing your immune system health, not to mention risking saying something you’ll regret at a later date.
  3. We often use these events as an opportunity to indulge. You shouldn’t feel the need to deny yourself some tasty treats – after all, it’s supposed to be a celebration. That said, watching your food intake will help greatly in avoiding that sluggish and bloated feeling. A small snack before the big meal will prevent you from overeating. Keep that protein intake high, and consider recipes with low-glycemic vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts, as opposed to starchy potatoes and sweet carrots. If you are drinking alcohol, make sure to alternate each serving with a large glass of water. Once the meal is complete, consider going for a leisurely walk, and convince everyone to join in. It’s a nice way to decompress after the day.

Remember, above all, that Thanksgiving should be a time of reflection and good times shared with those that we love. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Try following these tips this season and have a happy, healthy holiday!

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