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Have an Active Summer

Kids playing outside

Enjoy a happy, active summer!

With school coming to a close and summer kicking into high gear, many of our children will be keeping active with outdoor activities.

Whether it’s organized sports like soccer, or scheduled play dates with friends at a pool or playground, encouraging your kids to remain “on the go” while away from the books should always be a priority. Slumping on a couch over an iPad or playing video games will never lead to optimal spinal health!

While we want our children to have a happy, active summer, we also don’t want to compromise their spines in the process with unforeseen injuries. Here are a few tips for keeping the young ones healthy and moving all season long:

  1. If your child is enrolled in soccer, discourage them from hitting the ball off of the top of their heads. This type of bounce, sometimes referred to as a “header”, can compress the neck, leading to cervical subluxations. From there, you may hear complaints of neck and shoulder pain, as well as frequent headaches. Keep that ball at chest height, and maintain the proper curvature of their necks in the process!
  2. Gymnastics has become a popular activity for many kids, but such extreme movements can play havoc with spinal bones. Make sure your child’s coach is alternating between light and more difficult steps, and always encourage stretching before and after class, as well as on off-days, to keep the muscles supple.
  3. If you are not present during a play date, be sure to talk to your kids about their activities once they have returned home. Any minor slips or falls while they were running around? Sometimes, it’s the thing we least suspect that can lead to subluxations and problems down the road. A child may think nothing of taking a tumble on some wet grass, but when pain appears “out of nowhere” a few days later, a parent may turn up at the office, scratching their heads with their young one in tow. Keep little things from turning into big problems at a later date by making sure your children disclose any bumps or bruises while away.

Sticking to these tips and maintaining your family’s regular adjustment schedule will help keep your household happy and healthy all summer long. See you out there!

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