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We all know that hockey is largely recognized as Canada’s national sport, and plenty of our patients, from the very young to grandparents, love to strap on the skates.

Regardless of whether it’s your local pick-up game or a competitive league, your activities on and off the ice can affect your spinal health.

Tighten Up

hockey-players-on-frozen-pondConcussion stories continue to make the news, and with good reason — what may seem like a nondescript knock to the head may produce symptoms lasting weeks, or even months. Remember: You don’t need a big blow or fall on the ice to be concussed.

You may not be able to control the game, but you can ensure that your head is protected. That means not just donning a helmet, but wearing it correctly — with a fully tightened chinstrap. We know that slack chinstraps offer greater accessibility, but it also drastically reduces the effectiveness of your helmet during a hit. Tighten up.

As for the rest of your body, don’t forget your warm-up and cool down. A casual game with friends still requires range of motion on the ice, and your body will thank you both during and after your game, if you give it the care it needs. Simple stretches for your hamstrings, hip flexors and buttocks can be found here:

Lower Body Stretching Guide

Also consider some gentle neck and shoulder rolls to loosen your upper body.

Finally, be aware of your body during the game. Bumps or unassuming slips shouldn’t be ignored. These incidents, the same as they occur off of the ice, can lead to spinal subluxations. Maintain your regularly scheduled appointments for your chiropractic adjustments — your spine and your game will be grateful!

We know how important the sport of hockey is to our patients, and it’s our goal to make you feel better. Take care of your head, body and spine, so you can score some goals of your own!

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