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How to Undo your Adjustment

(Aka…How can I subluxate myself?)

?Subluxate (v): dictionary definition – to partially dislocate??
Subluxate (v): common chiropractic definition – to cause abnormal alignment to the spine or joints
thereby having a negative effect on the brain and nervous system, as well as bodily functions.

Achieved most commonly by the following 3 methods:

Nervous system

We help optimize your nervous system

TRAUMA – physical injury, bad posture at the computer desk or in the car, car accident, reading in bed, falling asleep on the couch with neck propped on 2 pillows, texting, using tablets with head in flexed position, falling out of bed, learning to walk, sleeping on your stomach, falling off bike or scooter, falling up or down the stairs, golfing, slipping on the ice, ________________ (fill in the blanks…you can probably think of more examples).

TOXINS – smoking, excessive alcohol, excessive caffeine, soda, artificial sweeteners (Splenda, aspartame), processed boxed foods, canned foods, white bread/pasta/rice, chemical exposure at work, air pollution, unnecessary medications, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, recreational drugs, street drugs, ___________________.

THOUGHTS – holding a grudge, unforgiveness, living in the past, fearful of the future, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger, rage, poor body image, negative self-talk, verbal abuse, ______________________.

So there you have it. The most common ways that people become subluxated in between their chiropractic adjustments.

The above list will probably help you to understand a little more why we recommend seeing you once a week at the very least. ?You can also now deduce how to go about keeping yourself subluxation-free, as much as is within your control. And we are always here to keep the corrective momentum going for you and to make sure you are optimizing your nervous system to best deal with the stress that does come your way.

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