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Chiropractic is also a vital part in helping your body gain and retain lost mobility. How many people do you know in your life who are losing their independence due to lack of mobility?

Aging is a part of life. But as we have told you in the past, you need to “use it before you lose it.” Staying active and maintaining a regimented stretching schedule will help you keep the mobility you need, and the independence you crave.

Chiropractic is also a vital part in helping your body gain and retain lost mobility. Regular chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations and improve nerve function from head from toe. Countless patients have reported to us that their regular adjustments have allowed them to do things previously never thought possible.

We recently saw a 77-year-old woman who was suffering from fibromyalgia and and chronic hip problems. She couldn’t walk properly and her mobility was extremely reduced. After 9 months of care, she is walking much better and can conquer the steps leading down to her basement. She hadn’t been able to go down to the basement for a long time due to the stairs. Imagine regaining access to your own home…that’s the power of chiropractic at work!

We all count on our mobility for every task we attempt to accomplish. Have you found yourself experiencing difficulty turning to check blind spots while driving? What about stiffness and pain while getting out of a chair? These are just two examples of your body reacting to a lack of mobility. The longer you pass off these symptoms as “minor” or “just a sign of getting older”, the worse they will become. You can do something about this!

Make a solid effort to work in activity and stretching into your daily routine. They represent the core of maintaining your mobility as you age. And always keep your chiropractic appointment schedule up to date, so that your spinal health is at its optimum level.

Mobility means everything when it comes to your independence. Follow these tips to stay on your toes as you age!

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