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Investing In Your Health

Why do so many of us frown on the idea of investing in our health?

We all have interests and material things on which we like to lavish time and money. For you, maybe it’s renovations to your house, a new pool, a new interlock driveway, a season ticket package for the Sens or the Redblacks, that new coach bag to go with those shoes. But the one asset that should command the most attention is your health.

Being healthy and fit just makes life better

Life is busy. We know that. It is for us, too. And there is so much you want to do with whatever pockets of precious “me time” you can eke out.

But if you don’t have your health, life seems even busier. Those pockets of me time seem even more elusive.

Not to get too dark and grim here, but when the average person is on their deathbed, likely after a protracted period of declining health, what do they ask for? More life, more time, to be with the people they cherish, and to enjoy the things they love.

That’s why it’s important to take action now. You have to prioritize your health over all these other things that occupy our time and money.

Your health always has to come first. That statement may seem rather extreme, but if you don’t get in the mindset of always putting your health first, it’s all too easy for it to come second, or third, or to slip off the list entirely.

This isn’t about taking away from other areas of your life. Quite the opposite. If you take the time to eat right, exercise on a regular basis, and get the sleep you need, you truly are ready to take on the world. You have more energy. You are more productive. You can be there when it counts. You can take control of your life instead of letting it run you.

This is the best investment you can ever make

It all comes down to understanding the maintenance schedule your body needs to perform at its best and sticking with it. It’s no different than keeping your car up to snuff with its regular maintenance, getting your furnace serviced in the fall, winterizing the cottage, retaping hockey sticks and sharpening skates for the next game, and so forth.

You know these material things won’t perform as they should if you don’t take proper care of them. What makes you think your body is any different?

Of course, your body is different. Materials things can be replaced if they wear out before their time from misuse or neglect. Your body can’t be. And the longer you avoid a proper maintenance schedule, the harder it will be to get yourself on track.

You may need a coach

As with anything else in life, it can take a coach to help you get on track and acquire the skills you need to succeed.

When it comes to your health, isn’t worth it to redirect some of that discretionary income? Isn’t it worth it to engage the help of a coach to help get you on track?

What kind of coach do you need? That depends on you and your goals. But we are here to help. In addition to any Chiropractic care you may need, we work with a number of other healthcare professionals in the West Ottawa area who can help you take control of your health and your life.

So, don’t be afraid to come talk to us.

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