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June is International Scoliosis Awareness Month

Scoliosis and Chiropractic

curved spine overlayThe vertebrae of a healthy spine are designed to stack and fit together to form a natural S-curve from front to back. A person suffering from scoliosis has an abnormal sideways (lateral) curvature of the spine.

In most cases, the spine will twist or rotate in addition to curving from side to side. This condition is usually diagnosed in children and adolescents. Girls are more likely to be affected.

It is important to understand that while scoliosis is not curable, it is definitely treatable. It is a condition that requires ongoing care. Left untreated, it will put extra stress on the spinal column leading to spinal osteoarthritis and degenerative disc diseases. In addition, the body will try and compensate because it is unbalanced, resulting in degeneration of the hips.

As adolescents develop and grow the spine curvature can worsen. A severe curve can reduce the amount of space in the chest, making it difficult for the lungs and other organs to function. Early detection is key, so adolescents should be screened once a year, starting as early as 10 years of age for girls because they tend to mature earlier than boys.

What are some of the typical indicators?

  • One hip is higher than the other
  • Uneven waist
  • One shoulder blade appears more prominent
  • One side of the rib cage jutting forward
Chiropractic adjustments help to realign the spine, increase its range of motion, and reduce undue pressure on the nervous system.

If you have any questions about the health or alignment of your spine or that of your loved ones, Dr. Erin McLaughlin and Dr. Pierre Paradis are here to help. If you live or work in Kanata and the surrounding area, contact us today or give us a call at (613) 831-9665.

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