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Kids and Posture at School

With school starting, you’ve already seen how we’ve talked about equipping your children with the proper backpack, and how to distribute the weight to ensure optimal spinal health for your little ones heading back to class.

Today, we’re going to discuss maintaining proper posture overall at school and the difference it can make in your children’s lives.

Kids at school

Keep your kids healthy and happy at school with our posture tips

Our kids are busy, and we want to be sure that they’re able to maintain their healthiest selves. Encourage your children to sit up straight while at their desks – slouching leads to spinal curvature and poor digestion, as their internal organs such as stomachs and intestines become constricted.

If they’re using tablets or cell phones in school, make sure to discourage the dreaded “head droop.” These devices, while incredibly helpful, can do serious damage to the curvature of the cervical spine. This can lead to neck pain, stiffness and headaches. Make sure your children prop up their tablets on top of some books so that the screen is eye level, or hold a phone with elbows on the desk – again at eye level – to discourage neck strain.

Poor posture and slouching can have a tremendous effect on a child’s self-esteem. These children can give off the appearance of lacking confidence, which can affect their interaction with teachers and students alike. Healthy posture leads to a heathier outlook on life, so encourage your young ones to stand tall and head back to school with their spinal health in check! Be sure to book an appointment with us today to ensure your kids are in tip-top shape in time for school, and ready to hit the books.

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