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Lead by Example - Healthy Lifestyle Tips From Your Kanata Chiropractor

Raising naturally healthy children isn’t just about giving them a vitamin with breakfast. It’s about creating a lifestyle that promotes and sustains health for all.

(For those of you reading this that do not have children, feel free to share this with friends and loved ones who do.)

There are many important elements of a naturally healthy lifestyle. In order to live a natural life with your kids, it pretty much has to be a choice for the entire family. That means, for example, you really can’t expect your kids to eat one way while you eat another. That won’t work, especially as your kids get older. If the kids see you avoiding those brussel sprouts or carrots, they will grow up thinking they don’t like those foods too. So, by the whole family eating a balanced diet of natural, organic, whole foods, you are providing your children with one part of the foundation for future health.

Here are a few simple ways to enhance your family’s health and well-being:

1) Have each of your kids checked for spinal subluxations, the number one cause of early degeneration or breakdown of the spine. True health for a lifetime is achieved through optimum function of the nervous system. Make sure your children have the opportunity to maximize their lives and fulfill their potential. If it’s important for you to get adjusted regularly, don’t your children deserve the same?

2) Take the time to cook meals from scratch at home, and eat as a family at the dinner table. Get the kids involved in preparing meals, and they’ll enjoy what they are eating more.

3) Get as much fresh air as possible. Go to a nearby park to breathe, move, and play.

4) Encourage the healthy expression of feelings. Make time to talk and interact rather than plugging into the television, computer, and video games.

Ultimately, giving our kids the philosophical basis of a naturally healthy lifestyle is as much an act of necessity as it is an act of love.