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Lessons Learned in the Dangerous Decade

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Speaking with a friend who works in the insurance industry, she made the comment that we’re months away from graduating from the dangerous decade. What??? The dangerous decade (an informal insurance sector term) suggests if people aged 45 -55 reach age 55 without major health issues, they have an increased likelihood of living a long life. And with the death of 2 close friends in this decade, longevity and health are more frequent topics of discussion.

We know what we should do and increasingly we witness the results of inattention to any one sector and the impact it has on our bodies and minds. Rehabilitation in any area takes time, commitment, discipline and financial investment.

Where do spinal health and chiropractic fit in a discussion about longevity and health? We have detailed the benefits in many previous posts including – Your Body is an Amazing Machine.

If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for illness.”
author unknown

Maintaining our bodies is an investment in today and our future health.

Spinal alignment, arthritis maintenance, and prevention are not fully covered by OHIP. Self-care often requires an investment beyond what private health insurance covers. It takes a while to wrap our heads around this financial investment. If we don’t have our health and mobility, what are we saving for? Like those RRSPs and other investment tools, our bodies deserve the same attention at every stage in life.

Drs. Erin McLaughlin and Pierre Paradis can help you get on the right track to achieve your goals. They’ve been awesome at helping me with mine.

Kathy – C.A.

Some Day Starts Today

Making it to retirement ready to live those dreams to the fullest:

  • Spinal Health
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Investment in health

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