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Life will always happen - be prepared for it

None of us live in a bubble. Life still happens, no matter how much care we may be taking with our health.

One of our patients, for example, is training for her first race in June. It’s been going well for three months, but then she came in and complained of neck stiffness. She asked if it could be due to her training regimen.

That could certainly be the case, or it could be something else. She has a day job which has her spending long hours at a desk. She has the stresses of being a busy mom with a lot to juggle away from work.

She eats well, exercises, takes care of her spinal health here at our Kanata chiropractic clinic, and yet, she still has this issue that cropped up unexpectedly.

Consider how she might feel then, if she weren’t taking such good care of herself.

Another one of our patients started wearing a brace on his forearm for relief from a case of tendonitis which has been bothering him for over a month.

Why did this condition develop?

It’s hard to say. He works at a desk all day, though he has never suffered from this condition before. He trains at the gym several times a week, so he may have strained it there (and may be continuing to aggravate it by continuing to train as he usually does). He also has a large rural property that requires lots of spring maintenance – raking, gardening, apple tree pruning, etc.

And then there will be patients who will come to us with seasonal afflictions that are as predictable as seasonal allergies. Golfers who have pulled something, water sports enthusiasts who are suffering from an epic wipeout, soccer players with whiplash symptoms from a mid-field collision … you get the idea.

Life happens

Chiropractic care is no guarantee that you won’t develop new issues or suffer flare-ups from existing ones. No form of rehabilitative care can provide this guarantee. Why not? Because you are the greatest variable in your recovery.

From bad posture or repetitive activities at work throughout the day, to rough sports or overdoing it in the garden, you are constantly doing things that can aggravate or stall your recovery.

All you can do is invest the time to ensure your body is in as good a shape as it can be to weather the knocks and bruises that accumulate along the way. Undertake the kind of exercise appropriate to your age and condition to ensure you have strong muscles and the mobility to avoid joint injuries and strains. Eat a healthy and clean diet. And most importantly, work with us to ensure that what we do for your spinal health is as effective as possible.

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