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nervous-system-connections-150x150We know that many people are looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of pain in their lives.

Whether it’s lower back strain from working a tough job, or tired necks and shoulders from sitting at a desk all day, many people deal with that achy feeling at some point.

That’s what brought you to us, right? We have shown you time and again that chiropractic is a gentle, non-invasive and most importantly, proven way of reducing pain.

So what about those magnetic bracelets many people are wearing? Do they help?

Promoters say magnetic rings, bracelets, and other magnetic apparatus work because certain cells and tissues in the body emit electromagnetic impulses. Theoretically, when disease or injury hampers their flow, magnetic energy can refer the imbalance and reestablish health. Magnetic therapy has been marketed as being effective to reduce migraine headaches, repair broken bones, improve circulation, and even cure cancer.

The problem is, the FDA in the U.S. has stated repeatedly that these magnets have no medicinal value. The mind is a powerful thing. If your brain is telling you your pain is reduced by wearing magnetic jewellery, we can understand the appeal.

However, always remember that pain is the last sign that your body provides to indicate that something is wrong. The difference between any of these products and chiropractic is that the latter is repairing your body. It is fixing the problem at the source. It is not masking the issue, only to have it return at a later date.

We always want our patients to feel their very best. Chiropractic is here as a proven source of not only pain relief, but overall improvement in health.

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