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My Top 5 Health & Fitness "Musts" for Winter 2015

Winter is a great time to hibernate and put all your regular health and fitness habits on hold, right? NO WAY! Keep that healthy momentum going all winter and you’ll be all set to launch into spring in great physical and mental shape.

Making soup

Making soup is a great way to increase your veggie intake in the winter

Here is a list of just a few of my favourite things that I incorporate into my healthy lifestyle in the winter:

Foam roller - I love to work out, especially lifting weights. My foam roller helps me to keep in good shape by relieving muscle tension and tightness, especially after a tough leg workout!

Homemade soups and broths - I LOVE homemade soup. It is an easy way to really bump up your veggie and greens intake, and it is very nutrient-dense, especially if you make your own broth from chicken or beef bones (preferably grass-fed).

Vitamin D3 - this is essential for a properly functioning immune system! Adults need 5000 IU per day, but can take up to 10000 IU/day in the deep, dark winter when we just aren’t outside getting natural sun exposure.

My husband’s hockey slide board - Have you seen these? It is my latest favorite way to get a quick workout in at home! I love doing intervals on it to train my cardiovascular system in a healthy way – and it’s really fun! It is a great way to increase leg power, strength, and endurance. It’s not just for hockey players!

Fleece sheets on my bed - This one might sound funny…but a proper night’s sleep is essential. Fleece sheets for me are so cozy and warm on these frigid winter nights, and I get such a good night’s sleep without having to crank the heat in our house. Great ones are available at Costco!

-Dr. Erin McLaughlin

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