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Natural Pain Relief for Kanata Residents

Chiropractic adjustments are 5 times more effective in alleviating pain than the NSAIDS Celebrex and Vioxx in patients with chronic neck and back pain. (Spine 2003)

At the clinic, we truly believe that when it comes to healthcare, someone should try Chiropractic 1st, drugs/medications 2nd, and surgery last.  We don’t just say that because we are Chiropractors, and as a result we are biased.  We say this because we are fully aware of the adverse side effects that come with more invasive treatments.

According to the British Medical Journal (January 11, 2011; Vol. 342:c7086), compared with placebo, Vioxx was associated with the highest risk of myocardial infarction (increased risk by 112%) and Ibuprofen was associated with the highest risk of stroke (increased risk by 236%).  The overall conclusion from the study was that that there was little evidence to suggest that NSAIDS are safe in cardiovascular terms.

As per the study in Spine (2003), chiropractic adjustments are 5 times more effective than these drugs and cause no side effects.

Yes, sometimes we do need to take a medication, but as you can see, the less that you take, the better it is.