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News and Mental Health

Every time we turn on the news, it seems like we are being confronted with another traumatic story. These past weeks, in particular, have been particularly awful, and no one is sure when things may improve.

Given the world that we now live in, news can bombard us 24/7, from television, radio and our mobile devices. This makes it particularly hard to avoid, not only for us, but also for our children.

These stresses don’t always go away the second you shut those delivery systems off. And for those who already suffer from depression and anxiety, such sad stories can lead to strong feelings of despair.

These Can Help To Clear Your Head

At this time, more than ever, we really want to encourage you to take some time for both yourself and your family. Whether it’s staying on top or increasing your exercise routine, taking up meditation or making sure the family spends a solid hour playing outdoors, these things can really help to clear your head for a bit.

As for outlets like social media, many are using them to express their feelings, and this can lead to argumentative behaviour. Our advice is to breathe and step away. Fighting with someone online does nothing to benefit the situation itself, or your own personal health.

Choosing to take time for your own mental well-being in times like these should never be considered selfish or as displaying a lack of self-awareness. One can only absorb so much information before becoming overwhelmed. Honour your own health, and that of your loved ones – it’s the best thing you can do right now.

Let us all take some time to tend to ourselves and each other, and hope for better days ahead.

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