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Posture Linked to Independence in Elder Years

Good posture is essential to maintaining independence in everyday life.

Good posture is essential to maintaining independence in everyday life.

It’s no secret around here that we’re big on proper posture. You may feel like we had a private conversation with your grandmother or mother who was always telling you to “Stand up straight!” Posture matters… and not just so you can look good in a photo!

We have a saying around here that “Structure Dictates Function”. That means that the structure (posture) of your spine will determine the function of your spine, and ultimately that of your entire body. For example, research has shown that a condition called HYPERKYPHOSIS (aka. Dowager’s Hump or too much curve at the top of the back) is linked to reduced vital lung capacity and pulmonary death.

The evidence is really stacking up for how important spinal posture is in aged populations for maintaining independence in everyday life. Research by Kamitani et al in 2013 studied over 800 people in the age bracket 65-94 years who were fully independent in their daily living at the start of the study. Measurements were done to determine spinal inclination, which means how well the spine is aligned vertically (ear over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over ankles). It was found that the further forward the spine was tilted, the more likely that person would require assistance in their activities of daily living. Dependence was defined as admission to a nursing home or needing home assistance.

So now we know that your vertical spinal alignment (how straight you are when looking at you from the side) is absolutely critical to maintain your independence and freedom to move, live, and care for yourself. This is why you are here, under Corrective Chiropractic Care. You are here so that you can work at restoring a better alignment in your spinal column, and better function in your nervous system and entire body.

We care for spines of all ages! There’s no time like the present to improve your posture and nervous system function. Through corrective spinal adjustments and your home rehabilitative program of exercises, you can feel great knowing you are doing what needs to be done to ensure a lifetime of freedom, mobility, and independence!

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