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The Effects of Poor Spinal Alignment/Posture

Here are some important facts from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) “Structural Rehabilitation of the Spine and Posture: Rationale for Treatment Beyond the Resolution of Symptoms” which states the effects of poor spinal alignment/posture:


Altered Biomechanics

“…if the head is translated anteriorly, with each inch of forward movement, the work required of the posterior cervical muscles to maintain this abnormal erect posture is effectively increased by a factor of 10.” “…a straightened or reversed cervical spine may lead to an increased incidence of cervical headaches and accessory symptoms.”


Bone Deformation

“Altered alignment of the spinal column is known to cause bone, disc, ligament, and myofascial degeneration.”


Intervertebral Disc

“…sustained, increased mechanical stresses on the disc can cause degenerative changes and increased concentrations of biochemical substances, which are thought to cause increased nociceptive activity.”


Spinal Ligaments

“…mechanical stress is a cause of ligament hypertrophy.”

“Postural abnormalities, if allowed to stand long enough, will cause adaptive changes in the architecture of the affected soft tissue structures, resulting in pain and disability, with likely long-term sequelae of fibrosis, scarring and degenerative changes.”


Nervous System

“When an abnormal static structure/posture is maintained, the resting stress and strain in the CNS is increased. Increased tension of the spinal cord seems to be the primary mechanism leading to neurological dysfunction.”

“Damaged or irritated neurons are activated at much lower thresholds in response to mechanical deformations.”

“Mechanical stress maintained in the nervous tissue because of abnormal spinal positions after sustained neuronal injury may predispose the individual to a variety of pathological processes and neural disorders.”

“…increased strain and/or deformation of the central nervous system after neural derangements or damage will directly interfere with the inherent healing capability of the CNS.”


Just like we go to the dentist in order to prevent cavities, etc., we believe that every Kanata, Stittsville, and Richmond resident should have a chiropractic check-up in order to prevent any of the side effects listed above, and to help them lead a maximized life!  If we can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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