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Reading Posture

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Try to do your winding down before you slip under the covers, for a healthier spine and a better night’s sleep.

We have talked to you in the past about maintaining posture while using your digital devices. However, we know that many still try to relax the old fashioned way, with a good book in bed.

While reading a book is generally preferable for relaxing your body before preparing for rest (no harsh screen lights disrupting your sleep rhythms), we still want you to be aware of your posture.

Like your smartphones or iPads, we truly want to discourage you from reading anything in bed, and that includes books. It’s just too difficult to maintain a correct spinal position without the proper support. Many resort to slouching down low with their head on multiple pillows, chin to chest. This should be avoided at all costs, as it forces your neck into flexion, or a “looking down” position. This will immediately lead to subluxations of the cervical spine. From there, you know the drill: neck pain, headaches and myriad other issues that can spiral into larger problems.

A Healthier Spine and a Better Night’s Sleep

If you feel you must read in bed, do everything in your power to keep your spine aligned. Prop some pillows in your lap to support your arms, and read while looking straight ahead. Or, if you have strong shoulders and some stamina, lie flat on your back and hold your book in the air!

We know that it is hard to find ways to properly relax before bed. Remember that there are always other options, such as meditation, writing in a journal, or consider listening to a book with headphones as opposed to the traditional method.

Whatever you choose, remember that maintaining good posture in bed while sitting up is difficult, so try to do your winding down before you slip under the covers. It will ensure not only a healthier spine, but also a better night’s sleep.

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