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Relief for Constipation

We would love to help your child!

Constipation isn’t a topic many of us enjoy discussing, but a surprising number of people suffer with it, especially young children.

We often assume that constipation is largely tackled via diet, and in some cases, medication. While a proper diet including appropriate amounts of both fibre and water make a difference, spinal health also plays a key role in maintaining proper bowel function.

Here at Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic in Kanata, we have witnessed great success in the elimination of childhood constipation. We thought in this post, we would share some of those stories with you.

Success Stories

A 16-month-old girl was brought to us, chronically constipated – she was eating prunes every day in an effort to gain some relief. Her initial exam showed subluxations in both the neck and lower back. Within her first three months of getting adjusted, she was no longer constipated. Her mom had previously stated that constipation was common in their family – this is one case where that was proven false! Her daughter’s body was able to function properly once the subluxations in her spine were corrected.

Our second story involves a 2 -year-old boy who was also chronically constipated. He would have a bowel movement every 2-5 days and was using stool softeners, laxatives, and a strict dietary plan. When we examined him, we discovered his thoracic spine was rigid, and he also had subluxation at L5. He received his first chiropractic adjustment on a Wednesday – when he came back in on Thursday, his Mom reported that 10 minutes after the adjustment, her son had experienced a very large bowel movement. She also mentioned that the emotional change in her son was immediate – he’s been much happier ever since! Remember: Once the subluxation is corrected, nerve signals can now properly get through to allow for normal bodily functions.

Do you know of someone dealing with constipation issues? Chiropractic may be the key to getting their body moving again! Pass this post along and encourage them to schedule an appointment today.

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