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Simple Desk Adjustment to Reduce Neck Pain and Tension

woman sitting at a desk working on a laptop

Optimizing your desk and computer set-up, whether in the office or at home, can reduce neck pain and tension. Moving often and changing positions is critical during the workday as well, but you certainly can set yourself up better in order to improve your endurance and comfort at the desk. This won’t be a complete ergonomic overhaul, but it is one simple change you can make right away in order to feel a lot better while working.

  • We don’t want our desk set-up to cause our shoulders to creep up to our ears! Stress from daily life already leads to this tightened, tense posture, so let’s make sure we aren’t causing more undue pressure from our desks.
  • If your CHAIR is too LOW or your DESK is too HIGH, it can force you to shrug your shoulders up to your ears just to type or use the mouse.

Solution: Raise your chair or lower your table/desk (if possible) so that your forearms/wrists are gently resting flat on the surface. That way, your shoulders are naturally able to relax down in a normal position as you type and work.

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