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Sitting Is Dangerous Business

We are not at all designed to be sedentary creatures, but it seems that we’re all victims of “Terminal Sitting Disorder.”

  • We sit all day at our desks at work.
  • We seat ourselves for a meal at the neighborhood restaurant on our lunch hour.
  • We sit in our car or on the bus for our ride home from work.
  • We remain seated for a tasty dinner at home in the evening.
  • We relax in the evening, sitting on the couch watching TV, reading, or playing games on our mobile devices.
  • We check out social media and accumulated email while sitting at the computer before bed.

Sitting Excessively Is Dangerous!

Get up out of that chair at least once every 30 minutes!

Get up out of that chair at least once every 30 minutes!

Excessive sitting is not only brutal on your body, but it also creates damage in two ways:

  • It creates a huge amount of disc compression in the lower back. This can result in pain into the low back, pelvis, or lower extremities.
  • It creates a “forward head posture.” Studies show that the posture of jutting your head forward for extended periods while sitting (such as when you’re on the computer) can decrease not only vital lung capacity, but also play a role in decreased digestive function. It can also contribute to excessive curvature in the upper back.

What’s The Answer?

Be mindful.

Be conscious of the amount of time that you spend sitting and make a conscious effort to break up the pattern. Here are just a couple of ways that you can introduce new patterns into your day:

  •  Go for a lunchtime walk with a co-worker.
  • Do stretching exercises while standing up at your desk.
  • Sign up for a lunchtime exercise class.
  • If possible, try a standing desk.

Use your imagination!

Get creative and think of easy ways to incorporate more standing and movement into your day. Become less sedentary, and you’ll see the benefits of your new choices.

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