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Ann’s Story

My daughter and I have been seeing Dr. McLaughlin for about 3 months. I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better and have far fewer headaches. Whenever my daughter and I have had colds, getting an adjustment seems to help speed up the recovery process. The whole team is fantastic. They look after my 22 month year old and give her stickers every time we come in…I think she looks forward to going to the Chiropractor as much as she looks forward to going to swimming lessons! I would highly recommend the this office if you’re looking to get help getting healthy.

Trish’s Story

I am amazed at the quality of care I have received at Hazeldean Chiropractic. In my former Chiropractic experiences it was an hour wait just to see the Dr. and then 30 minutes to get treated and adjusted. This is so fast and efficient – in and out in 5 to 10 minutes! And I feel so much better! Everyone is so nice and helpful and really cares. They offer additional information to help their clients gain knowledge and awareness on physical, spiritual and emotional health. I am so glad someone told me about Hazeldean Chiropractic!

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