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Extreme Makeover Challenge

What is the Extreme Makeover Challenge?

Body by God 40 Day ChallengeThe Challenge is based on the best-selling book, Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living by Dr. Ben Lerner. The 40-Day Challenge consists of six weekly workshops lead by local Maximized Living Certified Instructors, Dr. Erin McLaughlin and Dr. Pierre Paradis. Workshops are typically held at local gyms, churches and community centers in your area. The Challenge participants will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and time management. By the end of the 40 days, the participants will have developed healthy habits and have been equipped to improve upon and maintain these habits to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.

If you are interested in the 40-Day Extreme Makeover Challenge for your company, church, organization, group, etc., please contact Dr. Erin McLaughlin or Dr. Pierre Paradis at (613) 831-9665 or for more information.

What Our Patients Are Saying About the 40-Day Challenge:

A great experience

This challenge has been a great experience for me. I especially liked that it was held in our community parish. Both my husband and I are conscious of what we are eating, and are exercising as well. I like the idea of ‘strength training’ as well – something we were not doing but are doing now.

Thank you so much for your time and energy put into this challenge – very much appreciated.

First step is becoming aware

The Challenge has made me more aware of the various factors that impact each area of life. I hope over time to review the handouts and implement the strategies offered in order to have a more positive impact on my day to day life.

Thanks for your sessions

We all know all there is to do, and it is good to be reminded again. Thanks for your sessions, they were very beneficial.

Love the positive approach of this regime

Since starting the 40-Day Challenge, I have been working out 5 times a week, twice a week with a personal trainer. The difference is quite specific, with my goal to be leaner and build more muscle and endurance. Initially the workouts were a bit painful, although now it seems much easier.

My diet has changed 100%. Only 1 ‘vacation day’ in 40 days. So far – 8 pounds lost!

I enjoyed reading the books. Nutrition now seems to be a passion! Nothing processed and no ‘foods by man’ in the house. Coffee has been the hardest, however no more cravings and no more headaches.

Loved the positive approach of this regime! Your enthusiasm has made this an excellent experience. Working on stressing less and managing my time. Making a conscious effort to reduce/eliminate stress. Thanks again!

This program has made me think about my life in a different light

It has made me realize that I can do things to make my life more valuable to me and my family. The diet has helped to see how to change rather than worry about how bad it is when I cheat. I am much calmer in dealing with stress problems. I have been able to ‘connect the dots’ between physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

I have been changing my life. I now exercise because I enjoy it and want to improve my overall health.

When beginning to look into our emotional health, we see where we need to let go and where we need to grab onto. I have let go of my anger towards my ex-husband and now am able to see that that was holding me back from developing friendships.

Wow, it’s nice to take 10-15 minutes to just have down time and to deep breathe – quite invigorating.

I’m opening my heart and soul to be the best friend, mother, and woman that I can be. Thank you.

I recommend this challenge to anyone who would like to make positive changes in their life

his series has had a very positive effect. My outlook is much better. I feel that God has not finished making me into the person He wants me to be. I feel that adding a positive habit is much more beneficial than trying to stop a negative one.

I missed the first two sessions but ordered the book Body by God and hope to continue growing in a very positive way. I would recommend this challenge to anyone who would like to make positive changes in their life. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

I understand the value of the adjustments even more

I am more conscious of my nutritional needs and the importance of physical exercise. I attend a chiropractic clinic on a regular basis but now I understand the value of the adjustments even more.

A beneficial change

I have adjusted my eating patterns – no carbs at night and I feel much better. Committing to this program and coming to weekly sessions was a beneficial change.

It has made me more aware of my health and spiritual outlook.

New ideas to help manage one’s life

I attended the last three workshops. I felt my life was already very much in order, but one can always pick up new ideas and ways to manage one’s life. It has been a positive experience.

Great addition to current efforts

It made me more aware of the things I do and the things I was eating, even though I was already watching my diet. Also I am trying to work out more regularly.

A comprehensive approach emphasizing prevention

The approach is quite holistic, emphasizing the preventative aspect (promoting health) rather than curing the symptoms and quick fixes. The approach is quite comprehensive, covering physical (aerobic and resistance training), spiritual life, food (food by God vs. food by man), living (time management, stress prevention techniques), and helped me balance my food intake.

Self awareness

I think the biggest difference for me so far has just been to raise my level of awareness about how I treat myself. I have cut way back on caffeine, and increased my water intake, and overall I am feeling better. I’ve dropped a few pounds and I am starting to notice a difference in my clothing.

Stress relief

The Extreme Makeover has made me more aware of what, when, and why I eat. The addition rule was easy, and the vacation rule was a relief! I have a lot less prepared foods in my house for me and my boys. I like the idea of God being a part of my peace management – in the last 7 days I have felt less stressed. In fact, I was a few minutes late today because I have a leak in my basement – and although I’m concerned, I’m not stressed! Yahoo!

I am trying to be conscious of me, my body, my health, my needs, and what kind of example I want to be for my kids.

Easy to understand and enjoyable

The food information was very informative and easy to put into practice. Taking time out for yourself is a great idea – as a mother, I tend to put myself last. The time management information was good, and I really enjoyed the sessions. Thank you.

I feel stronger and more energetic

The Challenge has given me greater motivation to use resistance training, as well as other forms of cardio exercise besides brisk walking to improve my overall fitness level. As a result of the challenge, I feel stronger and especially more energetic.

Two years ago, I made a decision that would change the rest of my life

Two years ago, I was suffering from chronic back pain, which prevented me from doing such simple exercises as sit-ups or lifting moderately heavy objects without the risk of further hurting my back. When I walked, I favoured my right side such that my hip was stuck out and my shoulder was drooping to compensate for the soreness in my back. I had visions of being a crippled old man in my retirement years.

In May of 2006 I made a visit to the Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic to see if someone there could do something for my back. I was not looking for a quick fix. I was looking for a long-term solution that not only looked after the problems in my back but in my life style a well.

I found everything that I needed in Dr. Erin Davis whose approach to her profession can best be described as Holistic. Holistic health is referred to as a philosophy of medical care that views physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected and equally important approaches to treatment. She not only treated (adjusted) my back problems but also provided opportunities to attend seminars that looked at life style changes including the God given foods that we should be eating and exercise programs. One notable seminar series called the 40-Day Extreme Makeover Challenge was to provide an inspiration to me to get really serious about my life style. From information from this program, I began to eat more healthy foods and to begin an exercise program to try to regain some of the strength that I had in my younger years. I am now swimming 1500 metres twice a week at a local pool and I have started a weight-training program including cardiovascular workouts. I still have a long ways to go but I have been and continue to be inspired and encouraged by Dr. Erin Davis.

Two years ago, this was only a dream. Now it is becoming a reality.

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