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The Importance of Home Exercises

The Exact Exercises the Doctor Designed for YOU

By special guest author: Kathy Bastin, Chiropractic Assistant

Having the opportunity to record all patients’ health history, taking notes for progressive exams and viewing x-ray results, I’ve noticed trends start to emerge. The patients that make the commitment to their adjustment schedule and their home traction and/or mirror image exercises get the best results in structural correction and reap the benefits in their daily lives. The best part of my job is the opportunity to witness and record your positive life changes!

Dad and son

Follow Doctors orders and experience the benefits!

Your adjustments improve the function and mobility of your spine. Adjustments are a rapid force over a short period of time. The home exercises, using a variety of traction units, use force over time to increase the length of soft tissue. There is research and science behind traction units and postural exercises. Don’t under estimate the potential of the commitment to exercises. Yes, just lying on a traction unit gets results. A chin tuck is simple but it’s effective. The key to successful structural correction is up to you.

The traction units are designed to help achieve the specific kind of correction your spine needs.

Foam rollers, rolled towels, and hanging your head over your chair or bed are not a substitute for spinal traction, as much as we may wish that they were!

You chose this clinic because of the Doctors’ training and expertise in structural correction of the spine. Addressing the source of the symptoms, achieving the maximum correction possible, and maintaining the correction is their focus. Use their experience to maximize your life!

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  1. Jordan says
    Jan 27, 2016 at 4:39 PM

    Excellent points here. It's so important for people to have a regular exercise routine, especially when undergoing treatment.

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