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The ONE thing you can do to get the most from your adjustments

People often ask us what they can do in between adjustments to make sure they aren’t undoing the correction. Today we will share the simplest yet most powerful thing you can do to get the most from your care.

Movement is the key

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Just a 5 minute walk will help you get the most from your chiropractic adjustment

The most important thing you can do immediately after and in between chiropractic adjustment is to MOVE your body. Let us explain. There are cells in the nervous system called “mechanoreceptors” and “proprioceptors” – these cells take input from your joints and body to tell your brain about your position, posture, and where your body is relative to its surroundings. Here’s an example – Put your right arm behind your back, then close your eyes, and your brain still knows that your arm is still behind your back. Or you are lying on the chiropractic adjusting table with your eyes closed, and we move the table up or down, you can tell that you are moving up or down even though you can’t see the direction of movement with your eyes. That’s called proprioception – knowing where your body is in space.

During an adjustment, your mechanoreceptors are stimulated in a big way. We’ve done a corrective adjustment to restore proper function and mobility to the spine, as well as to correct the bad posture and alignment of the spine itself. The mechanoreceptors are telling your brain that “this is the way it should be”. By moving your body even more following the adjustment, even with just a 5-minute walk, you are continuing that positive feedback to the brain, which results in longer lasting changes to your spine and neurology. See how it works?

Adjustment >>> good proprioceptive input >>> walk or move >>> even more good input >>> repeat process many times >>> improved posture and neurological function >>> increased health and vitality!

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