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Before You Make Another New Year's Resolution...Read This!


Start off the New Year with a bang: Use Smart Goals!

Most people start out with good intentions at the beginning of each year to be healthier, lose weight, be more physically active, or some other health-related commitment.

Goals such as these are usually doomed to failure simply because they’re so undeniably vague.

We always recommend that you start the New Year in the most productive way possible with SMART GOALS. Let’s use weight loss as an easy example:

 S:  Specific

  • how much weight will you lose?

 M: Measurable

  • write down where you are now (weight and body measurements), and write down your goals.

A: Accountability

  • spouse, gym partner, personal trainer

R: Realistic

  • unrealistic would be saying “I will lose 100 pounds in 30 days”.

T: Timeline

  • in what period of time? How many workouts per week (what days, what time, for how long, etc.)

The Best Resolution of All

Many Kanata residents have a goal to get healthier in 2015. The problem is, many seek health through quick fixes, fad diets, or other therapies that do not provide lasting changes. If you’d like to avoid “Quick Fix Syndrome,” while at the same time taking the time to address the whole body-mind-spirit paradigm, there’s no better way than to introduce corrective chiropractic care into your life.

Book a chiropractic assessment right away to establish a solid baseline of health, wellness, and well-being that will take you into 2015 with a great foundation to achieve your goals.

You’ll find that this act alone will serve as a successful springboard to ignite all of your SMART goals for the future!

Happy holidays from the Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic team!

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